Frequently Asked Questions

How does the game work and how is encryption involved?

The goal of the game is to gradually complete tasks found at each checkpoint, progressing through the entire game. Tasks vary in type, from classic ciphers (Morse code, alphabet, etc.) to challenges that require wit, intelligence, and sometimes interaction with others. The solution to each task reveals the location of the next checkpoint.



Will the game take place within a specific time frame, or can it be played anytime?


After registration, you will receive information about the location where you can pick up the Traveler’s Kit. This kit contains items needed for the game, and you get to keep them as souvenirs. Once you have the Traveler’s Kit, the game is accessible 24/7, allowing you to choose whether to explore locations during the day or night.



Where will the game take place, and how will players get to the starting point?

The game takes place in public spaces in Nový Jičín and its surroundings, with a minimum route length of 6 kilometers. However, the route may extend based on the chosen approach of participants.



Will there be any hints or assistance provided if the team gets stuck on a cipher or task?

Each obtained task or item includes a QR code with a hint. However, excessive hints may diminish the overall gaming experience.



What equipment or technology is needed for successful completion of the game?

At least one mobile phone with a fully charged battery, data connection, and QR code reader is required for the game. Additionally, it is recommended to wear sturdy shoes, as some locations may be challenging to access.



What are the recommended age limits, or is the game suitable for all age groups?

The recommended age for a positive gaming experience is from 10 years old. The difficulty of individual tasks is moderate to challenging but always aligned with the level of primary school. The game is not suitable for younger children.



Can I participate in the game multiple times, or is it final after the first completion?

Participation in the game is possible only once.



Will the game take place in all weather conditions, or is there an alternative date in case of unfavorable weather?

The game takes place in public spaces, so it depends on you when you choose to embark on your adventure.



Will tasks involve interactions with local residents or businesses?

Before the game, you will receive the Traveler’s Kit, which contains items necessary for the game, along with your mobile phone. During the game, you might encounter obstacles where you cannot proceed without the help of local residents. Details about the start of the game are found in the Traveler’s Kit.

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